Thursday, February 14, 2013

Week 3 Reflections

Attendees: David Alvarado, Kevin Budnik, Angela Caggiano, Chris Dazzo, Nick Drnaso, Sanya Glisic, Betty Heredia, Erik Lundquist, Marieke McClendon, Max Morris, Matt Novak, Ness Rago, Naji Sierra, and Matt Soria. 

Documentarian: George Burnett.

Pedant: Ivan Brunetti.

Our exercise for Week 3 was "Interiors." We all brought photos or clippings of the inside of rooms (or just one room, or the same photo repeated). We spent the first 90 minutes cutting, tearing, and/or rearranging the photos into a collage.

At that point, we had a choice: either continue working on the collage, or create a drawing, based in some way on the collage. The remainder of the session was spent working on our collages or drawings.

Below are some snapshots of the Week 3 session.


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