Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Week 3 Preview

Our exercise for Week 3 is tentatively titled "Interiors."

Homework: You'll need to collect at least 12 photos (they can be your own, or someone else's). Since we'll be cutting and pasting, you might want to bring duplicates, cheap printouts, or magazine clippings, or some combination thereof.

The subject should be: the inside of a room.

You can bring 12 images of the same room, perhaps from different viewpoints. Or the images can be of 12 different rooms, if you prefer. Or you can bring 12 duplicates of the same exact image. They can be close-ups, panoramic, mid-ground, or any combination thereof. Any images of a room or rooms will do, really.

Bring whatever paper, tools, and/or materials you like to work with. First, we'll do a short collage exercise (I'll provide scissors and glue), and then we'll spend close to 2 hours working on a drawing (or painting, or collage, or sculpture, or... you get the picture.)

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