Saturday, April 6, 2013


The exercise for Week 8 was sort of like a game of "telephone." Each participant was given a photograph, and then asked to draw it. They then passed only their drawing to the next student, who copied the drawing. This continued, so that we kept making drawings of drawings of drawings, and so on. As an extra challenge, each drawing was done in significantly less time than the previous one, so that we started with a 30 minute drawing, then a 20 minute drawing, a 10 minute drawing, an 8 minute drawing, and so forth, with most drawings being under 5 minutes.

We then spread out the drawings, in the order in which they were drawn (thanks to an arcane alphanumeric system devised by me, Professor Quackenbush). George Burnett graciously scanned every drawing and compiled them into the animated GIFs shown below. By the way, the original photos were randomly chosen from a Google search for the term "uninteresting." Enjoy.


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