Friday, March 8, 2013

Pix Galore

Here is the long-awaited update and promised "pix" from Weeks 4 through 6. First, the inverted mechanical/organic drawings from Week 4. We started with a technical illustration by Beau Daniels and a drawing by Philip Guston as reference points. 

We drew the technical illustration as organically as possible. For those who finished early, they had the option of drawing the Guston image as mechanically or geometrically as possibly. Here are some results. From top to bottom: Matt Novak, Ness Rago, Carl Zeller, Kevin Budnik, Naji Sierra, and three by Betty Heredia.

And here are some other drawings by Betty Heredia, followed by a couple of snapshots from Week 6. Looking forward to seeing everyone for Week 7. We'll have an open studio, unless we vote to do some exercises.

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